SPRX #15's Journey

SPRX #15's Journey

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The restoration of our 1922 passenger car is progressing very nicely. We have installed the mahogany wall panels and have taped off all of the windows in preparation for paint later this week. It is required that the temperature be above 15 degrees for an extended period of time for the paint to adhere properly so we will see that the week brings us. 
The bathrooms that are being constructed west of the train station are coming along very well. The exterior is nearly complete. The siding has been installed to match the station and will be painted in the coming weeks. The interior has a bit more work but is coming together as well. The plumbing has been completed and insulation has been installed. The bonus of having these bathrooms is that they will also act as public washrooms when the railway is not operating.
Everything is still on schedule for our July 7, 2012 Grand Opening. Below are some photos of our progress.

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