SPRX #15's Journey

SPRX #15's Journey

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Happening!!

We have received word from the company hired to transport the passenger car from Gettysburg to its new home in Ogema. They have indicated that the flat bed rail cars that will carry our new passenger car have arrived. The passenger car will be loaded onto these flat beds in 2 phases: the wheels, also called bogeys or trucks, will be removed from the bottom of the car so it can be planted firmly on the flat bed car, with the "trucks" travelling on a separate car.

The loading was expected to happen yesterday, but high winds forced them to delay. We will bring updates as they come in and will try to provide pictures.

We expect this trip will take 4 - 6 weeks and we will give periodic updates on where the passenger car is in its journey.

As well, our new GE 44 tonner diesel locomotive will begin its journey from North Conway, New Hampshire in the coming weeks and we will also chronicle it's journey to Ogema.

Please check back for updates!!

Here are a couple photos of the interior of the "Pullman" 70 Passenger Car.

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