SPRX #15's Journey

SPRX #15's Journey

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A little background Info

Here is a little background info on what it is we're doing and where we are heading:

"The Ogema Heritage Railway Association began as the Transportation Division of the Deep South Pioneer Museum in July, 2010. Southern Prairie Railway, the operating division of the Ogema Heritage Railway Association, has been in the process of being created for the last four years.

The Ogema Heritage Railway Association is a charitable non-profit museum and will be the owners of the heritage train station and the engine and equipment.

The engine and one passenger car have been purchased and fundraising has begun.  Funds raised will be used to help with purchase, moving and restoration costs.  Our goal is to have the train tour fully operational for Ogema’s centennial celebration in 2012.

Our train tour will operate on the Redcoat Rail Line, which runs 114 km from Assiniboia to Pangman.  Abundant wildlife highlights this scenic rail line, which includes operational wooden elevators and the majestic Big Muddy Badlands.

Southern Prairie Railway continues to develop partnerships to foster the success of our train tours.  Our alliances with Red Coat Road and Rail, and the Deep South Pioneer museum are the foundation on which we are building.  Surrounding communities offer a wide range of interests from museums to historic sites to golf courses to cultural events.   Our tour train will feature Saskatchewan and its wealth of resources.  Coordinating train tours with local events will establish our area as one of Saskatchewan’s leading tourist destinations.

Southern Prairie Railway is planning to offer a variety of train experiences.  Starting with a low cost ride suitable for the whole family, to themed events including sunset rides and wine and cheese tours.  Our passengers will depart our train cherishing memories of a unique and very enjoyable Saskatchewan experience."

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