SPRX #15's Journey

SPRX #15's Journey

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's been a long few months...

After a very stressful few months, our passenger car and locomotive are finally on the tracks in Assiniboia.

The flatbed rail cars carrying our passenger car and its wheels or "trucks" as they are called, arrived last week. Our locomotive arrived by semi trailer in two parts, the wheels early last week and the body on Saturday afternoon.

The locomotive was transported by Titan Transport (through JJ Transport) who were amazing through this whole process. The locomotive and car were lifted by Lift-All Cranes out of Moose Jaw who also did a great job.

The Locomotive was unloaded first so we could send Roger, our truck driver, on his way. This was done by using 2 cranes, one with a capacity of 75 tons and the other 90 tons. The semi trailer was backed up over the tracks with both sets of the train wheels on either side. Once the locomotive was lifted off of the trailer, the semi pulled ahead and the cranes rotated the locomotive and set her on her wheels. The process is shown below.

Once our locomotive was safely on the tracks, we were able to roll the passenger car under the cranes, lift her up and pull the flatbed car out from underneath her. Then it was just a matter of rolling the wheels under her and setting her down. Below are some pictures.

With both units now on the tracks, the "touch-up" work can begin to ready them for their trip to Ogema. This trip is scheduled for early July, possibly Ogema Fair Day. However, due to the extreme amount of rain we have received in Southern Saskatchewan this year, there are a few sections of track between Assiniboia and Ogema that will need to be repaired first.

Taking this into consideration, we will be bringing updates on the preparation of the locomotive and car as well as confirmation on their arrival date in Ogema.

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