SPRX #15's Journey

SPRX #15's Journey

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Locomotive Update

As we speak, our locomotive is rolling through Ohio and is expected to arrive in Assiniboia on Saturday.

We have found, with trying to transport something the size of a locomotive, that things don't always go as planned. Several permits have to be in place to allow her to move across certain highways which sometimes causes delays.

This has been the case as we originally intended to have the locomotive and passenger car unloaded this past Monday.

The current plan is to begin unloading Saturday afternoon in Assiniboia. We felt that it would make more sense to reassemble these units in Assiniboia due to availability of shop space and tools.

With this in mind, we intend to unveil the completed engine and car in Ogema on Fair Day weekend which falls on July 9th this year.

We will be posting pictures of our progress as well as updates on unloading over the next few days and weeks.

Check back often!

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